About Us

My name is Martin Royle and I’d like to welcome you all to Seo4Instructors. For years I have specialised in focusing on generating business for over 400 driving instructors. The beauty of the internet is that with a website, your business is available to potential clients at all times and in all places. Your customers can explore your products and services without needing to physically step into your place of work. We do this using two major strategies: Sponsored links and organic search engine optimization (SEO). Sponsored links are great for getting immediate but short term exposure. Natural rankings through organic SEO are slower, but give a longer lasting result. Once your search result rankings increase and your website is getting steady traffic, we’ll have the option to discontinue using sponsored links and concentrate on SEO.

With these tactics, we routinely experience great results, increasing sales and giving a high return on investment.

Deciding to do SEO for Driving Instructors websites is easy. Since the target market for people looking for driving instructors falls within the 17 – 26 year old age bracket, statistics show that 98% of this target market use the internet and at least 93% own a computer. I realized that increasing website traffic is a process of finding the right relevant keywords for the appropriate driving instructor (e.g. driving lessons Watford) and optimizing the instructor’s website.

Well, the rest is history for more than 400 happy and satisfied driving instructors. If I can do this for them, then I can certainly do it for you. Give me a call so we can get started! Trust me, you want me working for you, not your competitors.