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Experts in Online Marketing and Website Designs

“Get in contact with Martin today, discuss your needs and lets help work together to reach your online goals”
- Martin Royle

My name is Martin Royle and I’d like to welcome you to Seo4Instructors. For years I have specialised in focusing on generating business for over 400 driving instructors. The beauty of the internet is that with a website, your business is available to potential clients at all times and in all places. Your customers can explore your products and services without needing to physically step into your place of work. We do this using two major strategies: Sponsored links and organic search engine optimization (SEO). Sponsored links are great for getting immediate but short term exposure. Natural rankings through organic SEO are slower, but give a longer lasting result. Once your search result rankings increase and your website is getting steady traffic, we’ll have the option to discontinue using sponsored links and concentrate on SEO.

With these tactics, we routinely experience great results, increasing sales and giving a high return on investment.

Deciding to do SEO for Driving Instructors websites is easy. Since the target market for people looking for driving instructors falls within the 17 – 26 year old age bracket, statistics show that 98% of this target market use the intern… read more

seo In this generation, businesses are competing tooth and nails. Each business should do whatever it takes to surpass the competitor’s strategy to gain more customers. Thus, as a business owner who is embracing the latest trend of marketing strategy, you should never disregard the value of your online reputation. More customers are now taking advantage of the World Wide Web where they often search for services, products, and almost everything. The Internet is now the largest market place, and you should have a grip on that reality and do not just focus marketing offline. Having a website unfortunately is just not enough. You really have to optimize your site so that your customers can easily find you. With millions of websites competing for ranks in all search engines, sitting and waiting for customers to visit your site is not going to happen unless you are at the top of search engines.

Looking for someone reliable to help you out?

We, at SEO 4 Instructors, offer a search engine optimization (SEO) service that will save your money from impractical offline and online marketing platforms. With our SEO 6-month plan, we will optimize your site for search engines and make it appear to page 1 with a maximum t… read more

wordpress Although many people know that having a website is very essential to business, some still ignore the fact that having a good website design is even more vital. Having a website with a poor design is nothing but a useless, wasted cost. It’s not effective for reaching customers. However, web design is not just about creating the perfect looking site. Sadly, people do not realize the wasted cost of producing a visually appealing site when the information is not relevant.

The sole purpose of a website is to generate profit through offering valuable information. If you want your site to be successful, then you should bear in mind the following points:

    • Your site must load quickly because visitors will leave if it loads slowly. Unless your site has the incredibly valuable information that other websites don’t have, you shouldn’t expect that a visitor will spend a minute to wait for your site to load. Even if your site has valuable information, visitors won’t know it if they abandon the site early.
    • Your site should have good navigation. People hate struggling to find their way around websites. If they can’t easily find what they want, they’ll leave.
    • You have to describe everything about your business or services on your site.
    • Your contact details should be readily …

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PPC If you’re interested in Pay Per Click advertisements (PPC), we can give you a guaranteed first page listing for a 1 month trial. Once you see how this works and realize that you are making a good return on investment, then we’ll invite you to simply stay on board on a month to month basis. When you are fully booked up, you can simply pause the campaign and then reactivate it once you have space for more customers. This form of pay as you go advertising on Google means that when you do not need to advertise you are not spending a penny, however, when you want more with the PPC campaign then we can get you live within 24 hours.

Why should you choose our Pay Per Click (PPC) Service?

    • Our PPC is a Pay-As-You-Go Advertising (monthly)
    • We have a fast setup process
    • You can advertise directly to people looking for you
    • You can use the most popular and relevant keywords
    • Your customers and competitors use Google
    • You can gain instant targeted traffic t…

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In this generation, businesses are competing tooth and nails, each business enterprise should do…
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Web Design

Although many people know that having a website is very essential to businesses, some…
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